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Custom-design product process

  • Requirement Analysis

    This step involves: proposing a technical solution, setting up a product design target and planning a delivery schedule according to the specific industry characteristics of each project.

    Products available for customisation include: radiators, capacitors, fuses, earth return units, switches, AC/DC&DC/DC power supplies and EMC filters.

    Requirement Analysis
  • Technical solution

    Here, we provide technical specifications according to the classifications of different products, e.g. electrical parameters, machine interfaces and any special requirements.

    To enable customers to easily prepare information on specification parameters, a questionnaire on product specification can be provided regarding radiators, capacitors and switches.

    We provide international, domestic and industry standards for the product for reference purposes.

    Technical solution
  • Design confirmation

    After the design proposal is created, it can then be adjusted according to the customer’s feedback.

    Following confirmation of the design by the customer, the design package is provided. The package consists of the product design drawing (as a PDF file), a 3D model and product performance specification. Packages for radiator products may also include a simulation test report.

    Confirm and sign on the drawing and performance specification by both parties

    Both parties then confirm and sign off on the drawing and performance specification, test content and product requirement sheet.

    Design confirmation
  • Sample production/testing

    The sample production phase follows design confirmation. Customers can request the quantity of the sample they require.

    Any problems with and the status of the production samples can be analysed and adjusted at any time during the testing phase.

    Any bugs in the design are resolved following testing. Both parties then confirm and sign off on the final drawing and specification.

    Sample production/testing
  • Mass production

    The requirements of the mass production of the product are based on the final drawing and specification, which is confirmed and signed off on by both parties.

    Test reports from the production phase are provided according to the test content and timeline confirmed by both parties in the design confirmation phase.

    Mass production

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