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Breaking down barriers and reach for the sky: Company team-building activity 2018

2018-05-27·Company News 浏览量:4694


To enhance team cohesion, Rollay held a company team-building activity featuring the theme of “Breaking down barriers and reach for the sky” at Dishui Lake on 27 May 2018.


Staff was divided into five teams: black, red, orange, blue and white. The activity started with a 20 km cycle around the lake. We left a trail of sweat, laughter and cheers along the road to Dishui Lake. In the afternoon, we played hoop rolling, dodgeball and tug-of war, with the black team taking home the final victory.


Throughout this activity day, Rollay staff displayed admirable team spirit and perseverance. We learnt about each other and worked together to help each other. It was not enough for a team to have one strong member. A team could only win the game if all of its members came together. The outdoor activity finished at 4.30 pm and was a great success.

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